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    Remember when you were a child, and things were simple?  No bills, no adulting – just eat, poo, and sleep.  I definitely get jealous of my kitties and turtles, and maybe you get jealous of your pets, too.  They have it so easy!  What if I told you there was a fetish out there to help your brain enter this headspace again?  Re: ageplay and age regression.


    Maybe you engage in ageplay and/or regression yourself, or maybe you know someone who does.  This blog is dedicated to discussing the basic psychological aspects of each.


    What is ageplay?

    Ageplay is a fetish in which a person chooses to roleplay as a younger or older age to engage in sexual or non-sexual gratification.  An ageplayer who chooses to be younger (sometimes identifying as a little or a middle) may have a caregiver (CG) although this is not needed to accomplish entering that space, which is commonly referred to as little or middle space.

    Why do people ageplay?  Because it can be comforting, fun, arousing, and/or relaxing.  Ageplayers who roleplay as younger may enjoy coloring, having snacks, and cuddling stuffed animals.  It can help someone who enjoys this type of play to feel relaxed and mindless, like an escape from the adult world.  A CG functions to help foster this environment for an ageplayer.  Titles used in ageplaying depend upon the dynamic; common CG titles include Daddy and Mommy.

    What is age regression?

    Age regression is a psychological change which occurs either voluntarily or involuntarily which shares similarities with ageplay but is non-sexual.  With age regression, an individual regresses to a younger age.  Mentally, the person’s brain regresses back to childhood, and it can be voluntary or involuntary.  Because the brain is in a regressed stated, the individual is seen as not being able to give consent, which is why age regression does not include any type of sexual play.  Age regression may be connected with a mental health diagnosis as well (but does not have to be), such as schizophrenia, PTSD, and Borderline Personality.

    Other than the sexual aspect, ageplayers and age regressors may enjoy similar items and activities.  Here’s a list of items and activities ageplayers and age regressors may enjoy:



    Adult Cribs

    Build-a-Bear, Chuck E Cheese, etc.

    Stuffed Animals


    Snacks (i.e., apples in peanut butter)

    Certain Clothing (i.e., onesies)

    Disney Movies


    Ageplay and Age Regression FAQs:

    Is this related to pedophilia at all? Nope!  Pedophilia is an illegal act which is seen as a crime of violence and involves non-consensual sex with a child.  There are no children involved in ageplaying/age regression, just consenting adults.  As mentioned, all is consensual in ageplay, and age regression does not include any sexual activity.  This fetish is about relaxation and fun and has absolutely nothing to do with children.

    How do I reach this space and/or regress? A CG can help to set the scene for this headspace, and you can utilize aspects of logotherapy, or symbolism, to explore what helps you enter this space.  Do some research, join some online support groups with people who share this fetish, and take it slow to figure out what works for you.

    How do I find a caregiver?  See my blog on “How to Choose a Partner: The Lost Art of Vetting” for a more detailed answer.  Start with doing some research to find out what makes a good caregiver, and remember to make sure everything is safe, sane, and consensual!

    There is tons more to say on this subject, and this was just a sneak peak into this fetish.  I hope this can help raise some awareness on the topic and get you started if you are interested in age play and/or regression.  Self-acceptance of our fetishes can be a tough thing, and I think reading about other people’s experiences can help us to validate ourselves.

    Need help exploring and understanding your fetishes?  A sex therapist can help!  Feel free to contact me with questions or get scheduled using the contact info below.  As always, have a Mindful Day, and be well

    Kristyn Macala, MSEd, LPCC, CCTP, CSOTP

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