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  • Everyone Grieves

    Everyone Grieves

    Grief is something that EVERYONE experiences. It has no justification or judgment on race, religion, spirituality, culture, age, gender, weight, sexuality, socioeconomic status, marital status, lifestyle, language, location, and many other factors that play a part in the grieving process. I have realized you never really can relate to other’s grief until you have experienced it yourself. I recently lost my aunt in June, who I would Identify as my best friend, my other half, my go-to person, and my second parent. Her passing has turned my whole world upside down, literally. I consider myself organized, timely, responsible, caring, and compassionate. Since her passing, I have noticed a complete shift in every aspect of my daily routine. I can’t think straight, I get confused, frustrated, and have no pleasure in doing the things that once made me happy. I have also experienced a lack of or oversleeping, unsteady appetite, elevated blood pressure and heart rate, and headaches. Of which I rarely ever experienced before her passing. Dealing with these issues and tons more is the new normal for me.

    From someone with experience, I’d love to talk to you about your grief. 

    Stay tuned to hear more about my journey with Grief. 

    Jill Cholensky LSW BSW
    (330) 610-4578‬

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