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  • Father-LESS Day

    The Dead Dad Club.   

    Morbid I know, but we never wanted to join this club.

    This holiday pushes a button that hurts deep in your chest like when you first lost him.

    I used to say I know where grief lives, I feel his absence deep in my chest. Like a gaping wound.

    This holiday is to celebrate the men who raised us and helped shape us into the good humans we are.

    But what if this holiday is a reminder of grief and loss? What if the person who raised you is no longer here?

    Then this holiday is heavy and filled with thoughts of the past.


    We still have to live our lives.

    • Focus on the good memories with that person. We can still talk to them and continue that relationship.
    • Don’t glorify the person. They still were human. They maybe have also caused some hurt and pain in your life while they were alive. It’s ok to have conflicting emotions. You can miss them and still heal from the things they have done.
    • Don’t shut down. Talk to people. Focus on the other people in your lives who have fathered you. The other great father figures who have helped you and loved you along the way.

    You don’t have to do this on you own. We can help. Schedule a free consultation today and we can help you through it.

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