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  • Grief & Loss Therapy

    • You feel empty and so sad you can’t get out of bed.
    • Feeling unmotivated and like your heart is broken.
    • You have crying spells out of nowhere.
    • Have difficulty falling or staying asleep.
    • You are easily triggered by literally anything that reminds you of that person.
    • You overeat or not eat at all.
    • Tightness in your chest.I’m sure I’ve missed many other symptoms; however, I’m currently experiencing these, and you’re not alone.

    Let’s practice the 3 C’s for coping with grief

    Choose, Connect and Communicate 

    1. Choose what’s best for YOU! There will be days of grief, but you still possess the CHOICE about what to attend, join, and do or not do. This will help you ground and establish yourself and feel that sense of losing control. 
    2.  Lack of Connection, leaves us feeling hopeless, helpless, and lonely and causes us to isolate – ESPECIALLY during special occasions, events, times of year, holidays, and birthdays. It’s immensely difficult, but do not remove yourself from other’s lives. Attend that party, even though you know you will be approached several times and asked the typical question, “How are you doing?” Let’s face it: you know you’ve all said “I’m fine” when you’re not in reality. Don’t fake it! Respond honestly and openly so you feel that sense of connection, support, and community you need.
    3. Communication is difficult, especially when showing your vulnerability. Putting yourself out there and expressing your needs will only help you during this healing journey. Will it be awkward, yes! Will it be worth it, yes! For example, if you haven’t been able to attend your bowling league because, of course, that was something you did together. Get there! Even if you sit in the car and cry. Try to make it a little closer each time to going in and facing your teammates. The amazing thing about communication is that it comes in many forms. You can wave, write a letter, post on social media, leave a voicemail, send a text, sign language, jesters, ect.


    If this sounds like you, you are not alone. We can help.

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