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  • Community Resource Links

    The following resources are general resources to support over-all well-being and physical health. The resources are intended to complement, not replace, professional medical advice.

    Suicide Hotline dial 988


    If you need help with food for the month, we’ve all been there. You can search here and find your local food bank. Check churches locally as well.


    In the county that you live, dial 211 from your phone and you will be connected with someone one that can direct you to resources. Be patient, someone will answer the phone. They offer many other resources as well. You can also search online who manages your local 211 services just search “211 [your county]” online.


    If you do not have an income or insurance, you can still receive mental health services. You may qualify for state medicaid insurance.

    This link below is where you would go to apply to see if you qualify.


    If you struggle with keeping up with a job because of your mental health symptoms, you may qualify for disability.

    You can apply here or with a disability attorney. The federal government regulates how much they can charge you, 25% of back pay only. We cannot recommend one over the other. Please talk to your support/trusted people for recommendations.

    Domestic Violence

    If you or your children are being hurt emotionally, physically, sexually or financially, there is help.

    You can search here and call a shelter who will keep you safe. You must tell them you are in immediate danger.