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  • Claire A. Ellerbrock, DNP, APRN, PMHNP-BC

    You’ve had side effects from medications, tried multiple medications that haven’t worked and you’re apprehensive about trying again. I help clients integrate medications that work with your life and the tools to move towards greater wellness.

    You want to be the mentally healthiest version of yourself. You need your life to look different from the current life you live. It’s frustrating that you put in the effort but still feel stuck and dissatisfied. You’ve tried self-help books, pushed beyond your comfort zone, and yet something feels off. Worry is holding you back, preventing you from seizing opportunities and leaving you feeling disconnected.

    When you understand what’s happening and reach out for help, things start to shift. Life becomes easier, more freeing. You achieve those goals you’ve set, forge deeper connections, and actively shape the life you desire.  I’m here to help you better understand yourself, your options and take control of creating your ideal life. Curious to learn more? Click our website and schedule a free consultation today.

    Claire is Passionate about providing culturally competent and quality care to individuals across the lifespan. Enthusiastic about changing individual’s lives by delivering innovative and evidence-based treatment in a professional and compassionate manner to create a foundation for long-term healing and recovery. My primary goal involves improving patient lives through personalized care and ultimately helping to reduce the stigma of mental illness which can often be as debilitating as the illness itself.

    Claire started her career in Nursing in 2013 and obtained a Masters in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University in The Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing specializing in Family Systems Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. In addition to owning and operating her own company, Stress Free Psych NP, where she educates psychiatric nurse practitioner students in areas of diagnosing and treating, she has worked in community mental health and inpatient as well as owning and operating her own practice in Kent Ohio.

    You can schedule a free consultation with Claire starting in January 2024 by clicking the “Schedule” button at the top and bottom of this page.