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  • Thelma Wright MSW, LSW

    If you’re here, that means a part of you is ready for change. Perhaps you’ve hit a major bump in the road or life crisis and need immediate support. Maybe let’s say you have decided that you want to better yourself, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, improve your overall health, heal unresolved past trauma, or maintain healthy relationships. While people come to therapy for many different reasons, it should always be supportive and non-judgmental so he/she can feel empowered to tap into their own unique strengths. The choice to care for ourselves, to seek help, allows us to find the resilience we didn’t even realize was there. As we journey through life we all experience challenges, we know life is not easy but what are we going to do about it…..

    As a counselor, I’m here to assist in making life better, offering safe, supportive telehealth sessions that are non judgmental and allow people to work through life’s difficulties. Whether you are dealing with relationship issues, depressed mood, anxiety, substance abuse, grief and loss and or terminal illness are all issues we can work on together through the use of varies interventions as DBT, Mindfulness, CBT, strength based and more, you will gain the tools necessary to improve your life and grow as an individual no matter what life throws at you.