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  • Kara M. Mumford LISW-S

    Counseling for trauma using EMDR, mindfulness and whole body connections like meditation, yoga, or physical engagement of your choice.

    Accepting new clients using Telehealth.

    If you’ve tried everything else and done previous treatment and still struggling with experiences from the past, I can help. Starting with a new counselor is extremely difficult and if you’re reading this then you’ve already started the hard process, so thank you.

    I always tell clients that counseling is like a pair of jeans. If they don’t fit right, they will be uncomfortable and we all know where those jeans will sit.

    I use Telehealth based treatment to reduce the impact of adverse life experiences to help busy survivors let go of the past and thrive in the future. I specialize in treating those that have tried it all. I use whole body treatment interventions to get to the core of where trauma is stored. Integrating the big names of trauma treatment into an individualized plan.

    Together we will learn more about how your unique experiences are impacting your body and your life. Then we will learn skills to stabilize things. When you’re ready, we will do some deeper work to untangle the mess. Integrated case management and trauma counseling in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

    Bachelors in Psychology and minor in Child Development from Ashford University.

    Masters in Social Work from Youngstown State University while raising 3 beautiful tornadoes.

    Trained in EMDR trauma treatment and many advanced topics with Institute for Creative Mindfulness.

    Licensed Independent Social Worker Supervisor. 4 years experience on Community Mental Health And experience supervising Case Management Department. 3 years experience with inpatient psychiatric treatment.