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  • How to pick the right therapist? 

    I always say that therapy is like a pair of jeans, and we all know where the ones that weren’t a good fit are. 

    Therapy doesn’t belong in the jeans drawer. 

    It belongs on the chair bc we will be wearing it again. 

    A good therapist, offers a free 15 minute consultation. But what should we do with those 15 minutes? 

    This is what I do as the therapist. 

    • This is a time to get to know one another a little bit
    • I’m going to be asking some questions to know what’s been going on for the client
    • I’m going to be answering any questions that they have (I tell them it’s ok if they don’t have any)
    • I’m going to share my thoughts and initial observations about what they shared with me, so that they know what I’m thinking and it aligns with their experience
    • I’m going to share the general outline of what our therapy will look like (although we can pivot later if needed). This includes a preview of tools I will teach them, the order of things, how we will track progress, etc.

    I will even go so far to share my script because I have anxiety so scripts help me feel prepared. I don’t know anything about the client at this point. 


    thanks for talking with me today. 

    It’s nice to hear from you in real time 

    I know it can be nerve-wracking to meet a new therapist, and I’ll be asking some personal questions today, so I thank you for taking the step to talk with me. 

    Today we have a little bit of a different meeting than a regular therapy session. 

    Today I will ask some nosy questions so I can really understand what’s been going on. 

    But don’t worry, you can ask me nosy questions right back if you want to. 

    I’ll answer any questions you have today, but it’s ok if you don’t think of any. 

    After I ask my questions, I’ll share with you only my thoughts and observations about what you’ve told me, so you always know what I’m thinking and to make sure I really understand. 

    Then I’ll share with you my initial thoughts and plan for how I’m going to help you feel better. Ok? Great! Let’s start.

    Can you tell me some of the why now? 

    Ok so I’m hearing ….. 

    A little bit about how I help. I’m a trauma therapist meaning I focus on how we can help you heal from past experiences and learn new ways to deal today. 

    I do online and in-person sessions in Boardman and Mcdonald Ohio. Video and audio. So you don’t have to travel to an office so it’s a little easier for busy parents and employees. 

    Tech has some issues thou. You have to have a private space. Enough internet bandwidth. Camera on a smart phone or computer and a mic on the device. You don’t have to down load anything. 

    No paper forms. All online. 

    As a client, what should I be asking? 

    • if you don’t already know, ask about their background. How many years they have been practicing, what is their license, what are they trained in and who is their supervisor? 
    • What are their philosophies about therapy and what is their ideal client meaning who does best in therapy with them? 
    • Have you been in therapy and how long or how recently? You want to know if your therapist is going their work because they can’t take you somewhere that they haven’t been.
    • You then want to develop more specific questions based on what is bringing you to therapy. 

    Remember, you are interviewing the therapist too. You are trying to see if we are a good fit for you. You want to know If this is a person you can start to trust. As a trauma focused therapist, I know, you don’t trust anyone. Being a therapist does not automatically allot me any of your trust. 

    The consultation is a great way to break the ice so that we do not anticipate the first session and sometimes chicken out. 

    If you would like to schedule a free consultation with any of our provider, just click “schedule” at the top of our page. 


    Kara Mumford LISW-S (She-her/They-them)

    The Trauma Therapy Company

    (P) 234-600-8200



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