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    Telehealth during the holidays 

    Strangest place I’ve had a client try to do a therapy session would have to be the grocery store. 




    Random places people have tried to do Telehealth sessions 

    • closets 
    • Basements 
    • Grocery stores 
    • The mall 
    • While driving the car 🚗 
    • In their bosses office 
    • In a supply closet 
    • Under blankets 
    • In a swing 
    • In the park 
    • In the bathroom 🚽 
    • In the bathtub 🛀 

    Of course you are required to have privacy to do therapy even if you’re on the phone/video. 

    The holidays create such stress and pressure, it challenges even the best schedulers. With family and friends around more, it becomes even more challenging to get enough privacy to do your therapy sessions. We are forced to get creative with finding the time and privacy within our houses. 

    Here are some creative options to getting privacy for counseling sessions, particularly around the holidays. 

    • go get coffee with your favorite headphones and sit in your car in an empty parking lot. 
    • Try the bathroom or basement in your home with headphones and have music going outside the room to prevent sound from traveling 
    • Sit in your car in your parking garage if it’s in a safe place. Don’t use your cars Bluetooth as you can hear it outside the car. 
    • If you have a friend that’s on opposite work shifts than you, see if you can use space at their home. 
    • Get creative with scheduling and maximize time while kids are at school. 
    • See if you can take a longer lunch break while your kids are at school. 
    • Some employers are flexible with you clocking out but using office space as long as you bring your own computer. 

    At The Trauma Therapy Company we try to be as flexible as we can without compromising your privacy. Sometimes we can’t avoid our children being home, we understand that. You should have a provider that can work with your life to help you find that balance. 

    It’s not perfect but we will work with you to develop supports and boundaries to improve your self-care and increase that time to yourself. We want to meet you where you are and we acknowledge that sometimes that means working with the time you have available, especially during the holidays. 

    As always, let your provider know the address where you’re located incase of emergencies.

    Kara Mumford LISW-S (She-her/They-them)

    The Trauma Therapy Company

    (P) 234-600-8200



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