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  • Weathering the Unexpected Storm

    Weathering the Unexpected Storm

    Beautiful sunny day. Only a few clouds in the sky. Ideal weather for travel. Until that random storm hits, especially while you’re on the freeway. All of a sudden you crank your windshield wipers up the highest they can go, turn the volume down (because you know, that helps us see better..right?), and both hands are now at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel. It’s now heavy rain to the point your windshield wipers can’t keep up and you can’t see the car in front of you. Panic sets in and your body becomes tense. You want to pull off but then realize there may not be a safe place to pull over and continue driving gripping the steering wheel like a python trying to suffocate it’s next meal. Finally the rain slows to a stop, you turn your windshield wipers off, and let out a huge sigh in relief, realizing you were holding your breath that entire time. 

    Mental health can be just like that random storm that hits during travel. Panic attacks, trauma triggers, bipolar episodes, and the list goes on. We don’t expect it but we can be in control by how we handle the situation.  Continuing to panic and feeding into the situation can make it worse, but by following all those simple steps puts us in control of the outcome. Yes, sometimes there are other factors that can be an obstacle in our way, but we can do our best to handle the situation. Sometimes we may need to ask for help to get through our journey (the mental journey and the travel). It may look like calling a friend to keep focus which would also look like communicating with your therapist to develop positive coping strategies, the steps you would take when experiencing that unexpected “storm”. Remembering to use the steps you know and working through the unexpected in the calmest manner you can will help you through that situation. Just keep going and remember to breathe. The storm can’t last forever. 


    If you need help learning how to navigate the storm, schedule a free consultation today


    Trista Goss LSW 
    Adolescent Trauma Specialist
    Trauma Therapy Company

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